ECOS System

is a curated collection of regional palettes based on nature’s unique diversity, the science of color, and built on the greenest, premium quality paint on the market.

ECOS System offers a comprehensive suite of curated color stories. All colors are carefully selected from nature and each color is compatible with the other colors in the ECOS System palette.

ECOS System's palette comprises harmonized color stories, separated into eight distinct ecoregions in North America.

Every color story is place-based and tied back to regional ecologies and culture.

Individual colors are derived from natural elements found in a specific ecoregion. Each palette presents recommended color combinations and harmonies.

ECOS System sample books now available.

For true-to-hue color samples, order here.

ECOS System's color selection guides are based on tried-and-true color theory. The colors for each story were created with color theory at the core of the curation process.

Colors are specially curated to offer a full spectral range for each palette. Countless color harmonies can be composed from any given palette. All ECOS System colors are designed to look perfect together.

Check out the color theory behind the ECOS System collection for help picking a harmonious palette for your project.